Wigan – Has Talent Competition Entry



Wigan Has Talent 2020 (Formally known as Wigan’s Got Talent) is a competition to find and support local entertainers and performers. Over the past 2 years we have organised live competitions and this year we are going online. We are accepting submissions for any ages and groups performing on video for between 2 and 5 mins. This video will be uploaded to our YouTube page and shared on our social media channels and website.

The top 10 videos with the most likes will progress to the finals and will be invited to submit a second video. The overall winner will win a prize of a minimum value of £250 (this prize will increase depending on the number of entries.)

Once you have paid the entrance fee of £10 you will receive an email outlining how to submit your video entry so please ensure the you provide the correct contact details when submitting the order.